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Bringing Art to Life
Images from past productions

About Suwanee Performing Arts

 Suwanee Performing Arts is a nonprofit community arts organization founded on the principle that art is life and ignites a passion for excellence in community through the performing arts.

Our Mission

To enrich peoples’ lives through participation and appreciation of the performing arts. By Bringing Art to Life in our community, Suwanee Performing Arts helps bring the mission of the City of Suwanee — "Play Hard, Live Well, Smile More" — to life as well.

Our History

In 2003, Berneta Bock Davis and Patty Etherton opened the doors to a local arts academy with the purpose of giving young artists a loving and nurturing place to study. Bock and Etherton, both performers for more than 25 years, knew firsthand how valuable the arts are to a community. Shortly after opening the doors to the Suwanee Academy of the Arts, it became apparent to Bock and Etherton that teaching an artistic discipline and nurturing talent in the classroom; were only part of the total arts experience. The community offered few to no opportunities for live performance, thus Suwanee Performing Arts was founded and established as a 501(c)3 in 2007.

In the years that followed, several artistic divisions of Suwanee Performing Arts have developed:

  • Suwanee Ballet
  • Sounds of Suwanee
  • Broadway in the Park
  • Community Art Players of Suwanee - CAPS
  • The Actor's Company

Who We Are Today
Building Community and Character

Each year Suwanee Performing Arts auditions dozens of young artists who wish to perform in one or more of SPA’ s performance groups. The organization provides much needed scholarships for many young artists in the community who, without financial assistance, would not be able to pursue their dreams. In addition to scholarships, Suwanee Performing Arts:

  • Nurtures artists dreams and interests
  • Ignites a passion for the arts
  • Inspires confidence
  • Encourages creativity

In addition to the more than one hundred active artists involved with Suwanee Performing Arts, there are nearly as many volunteers and thousands of audience members touched each season.

Our Vision for the Future

In addition to continuing to provide artists scholarships, Suwanee Performing Art’s greatest vision is to bring to life a theatre, nestled close to the Town Center area, that would provide an indoor facility for community use and theatrical events. With a community so rich in talent, there is no better place for a “Main Street Theatre” where residents and visitors alike can come together and celebrate
Bringing Art to Life.